Historic Evolution

2017 Development Center

In 2017, the Development Center was set up to improve the front end of market and products.

2014 New factory building

New beginning

In 2014, phase II workshop with a construction area of 24000m² started its construction officially.

2012 New Technology

New Projects

In 2012, green coating RPVD technology was successfully developed, and the fresh air purification project was further developed.

2009 ERP system

In 2009, ERP system was fully launched.

2008 New Era of Enterprises

In 2008, Weilin Industrial Park was put into operation, opening up a new era for the Company.

2006 Large laboratories

In 2006, a large aerodynamic laboratory was established.

2004 Project introduction

In 2004, the central air-conditioning vent project was introduced.

2002 Company establishment